Businesses who participate in the Hawk Cash program benefit through preferred access to student buying power and increased student exposure to your business! Prepaid funds can only be spent at approved locations on and off campus. As one of these locations, your business will be promoted through inclusion in Hawk Cash marketing materials, website and cardholder emails – at no additional cost to you! You can also run promotions and specials to increased exposure and sales to this key market segment.
Students and parents make deposits into Hawk Cash and use the account to make purchases without using cash; just like you would use a debit card. You swipe the Hawk Card in the provided VeriFone terminal and we process the payment.
There is a separate VeriFone VX520 terminal used to process Hawk Cash transactions at your location. The VeriFone VX520 is capable of connection through dial-up or through IP.
No, the terminal can share the phone line with another piece of equipment (i.e. fax machine) by using a splitter. If requested, a splitter can be provided. Please be advised that you cannot use multiple dial up devices at the same time while sharing a phone line.
We recommend inquiring with your IT department if new devices connecting to the network can operate over DHCP or if they require a static IP address/reservation. Additionally, we can provide the IP addresses and ports that would need to be open on the firewall. Please call Merchant Care at 1-877-711-9089 if Ports and IP address are needed.
The terminal is set to automatically batch out at the time selected on your Merchant Application (either 3 a.m. or 4 a.m.). If you prefer, you may manually batch out the terminal at any time. After batching, the terminal prints out a receipt which will report your sales, refunds, and net sales. You must batch your terminal at least once per day if you have transactions.
In order to be paid, your terminal must be batched – either automatically in the middle of the night or manually by you or your staff. Once the terminal is batched, it triggers the ACH process of payment from SJU to your checking account.

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